7 Differences Between Organisers & Cleaners

Organisers are not just glorified cleaners. And that’s not to put cleaners down - they have a tough job and sometimes get treated like slaves. I’ve seen children drop things in front of the cleaners on purpose because that’s how they’ve seen their parents treat them. But that’s another story.

An Organiser might clean while they help you get organised. A tradesperson does the same, does that make them a cleaner? No. Organisers are like mums. They are skilled in many areas and these different facets come to light as they organise. They’re a shoulder to lean on, a friend, a Counsellor, a Peacemaker, and much more.

Below are 7 differences between Professional Organisers and Cleaners.

  1. Cleaners do it for you, not with you. They pile stuff on beds and focus on cleaning surfaces. An Organiser focuses on cleaning your stuff, which sometimes includes your ‘head stuff’. 
  2. Organisers teach you skills. While we work alongside you we teach you tips and strategies that you can implement in any area of your life. 
  3. Organisers help you make tough decisions. Dealing with stuff can be hard. Organisers are empathetic and work at your pace to ensure you make the right decision for you. 
  4. Organisers know that each client is an individual. What worked for another client, won’t necessarily work for you. Success is individual: for some it’s a display-ready home, for others, it’s to see the floor. That’s OK!
  5. An Organiser will set up systems that you can use for life. While we love our jobs, we don’t want to come back and declutter the same area each time. You might need a refresher every so often, but our goal is to see you succeed in creating an organised life. We want you to fly on your own wings!
  6. Stuff is not just ‘stuff’. There’s more to it. An emotional connection to your children’s artwork. A positive or negative association with a piece of clothing. We understand the psychological issues that connect us to our stuff. We’ll help you understand them too.
  7. Organisers outsource - if we think we’re in over our head, we’ll seek further help for you. We’re not Psychologists, IT Guys, Nannies or Social Workers. We’re more like a Life Manager.

There are wolf in sheep’s clothing out there. There are cleaners who are desperate for more work, so they’ll help you declutter and organise. At what cost? Do they have the skills and experience and Industry Association that an Organiser does? Do they know strategies to help you deal with the emotional attachments of your stuff? Can they help you make lasting change? Remember the saying, ‘You get what you pay for.’?

You want long lasting results in your home? Get an Organiser.

You want a floor you can eat off? That’s for the Cleaner.