Storage Solutions are NOT the Solution!

We’ve all said it. “I need to get organised! I’ll go to Ikea/Bunnings/Howard’s Storage World and buy a storage unit! That’ll help me get sorted!” The problem is, we then just put things into the unit that were sitting on the floor, or on the dining table without decluttering. We just end up spreading the mess.

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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Space

If you’re overwhelmed and need to organised but you don’t know where to start - these tips are for you! These small steps will make a huge difference to your home and life. Reclaim your sanity!

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Get an A+ for being S.M.A.R.T.

Did you ever go to English Class at High School and get told to ‘write a story’ without any prompting or inspiration? When I went through school you were expected to be able to create a best-seller story out of thin air. Unfortunately I was not one of those students who could conjure creativity from nowhere. Others would write furiously, while I stared blankly into space trying to dredge up something that wasn’t there.

 I felt like such a failure.

It was only years later while studying Education at University I learned that technique of teaching story writing, well, wasn’t really teaching. For students to succeed they require scaffolding, and lots of it. If you are thinking that sounds like a building project then you’re right. The aim is to build the scaffolding around a new idea and allow students to build on from there.

Plenty of times I’ve looked at a cluttered cupboard and wondered how to make it clean, how to begin to turn it into something functional. I know I’m not alone. If you’ve felt the same, help is at hand. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Organisation is not a gift only bestowed upon the blessed, it’s a learned skill. Some have a natural ability to learn music quickly. Some are quicker at sorting, organising and keeping things in order. But by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to turn your home into the most satisfying A+ you’ve ever received.

The first thing you need is a paper and a pen (or a computer/smart phone/tablet, whatever!). Walk around your home, and write notes about each area. What could be improved (without winning the lottery) and what are yourclutter nightmares? These are the areas that you don’t show visitors for fear of losing all your friends.

Work out a list of your priorities for de-cluttering and improvement.

Your list might look like this:

  1. Fridge – remove old food, clean.

  2. Kids’ toy room – Donate the old/unwanted, chuck out broken. Re-organise into hobby areas (reading, train set, craft).

  3. Bathroom – condense all half empty bottles, chuck out outdated. Full clean of tiles, sinks, grout, etc.

  4. Mummy’s wardrobe – Donate/chuck out items that don’t fit/don’t like/don’t make me feel good/haven’t worn in 24 months.

  5. Paperwork – Shed irrelevant documents (more than 5 years old), put in labeled categories and get new folders with clearly labelled tabs.

Once your list of priorities is complete you can begin the goal setting phase. When setting goals they need to be SMART:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Accountable

R – Realistic

T – Timed

Write the letters down the left hand side of the page. If your goal is to de-clutter and reorganize the Kitchen it might look like this:

S - I want to be able to find items in my kitchen within 30 seconds.

M -  Step 1 – Cutlery drawers

Step 2 – Plates/Cups/Bowls

Step 3 – Glasses & Mugs

Step 4 – Plastics & Electrical

Step 5 – Other (Vases, etc.)

A - My accountability partner is my friend Jessie.

R - I will have the kitchen de-cluttered in 6 weeks.

T - On Saturdays I will spend 1 hour on my kitchen. I will complete 1 step each week and will have 1 week spare ‘just in case’.

Do the same for all your goals for each area of the house.

Copy and paste all your Timed and Measured aspects of each goal into a calendar to create your organising schedule for the year. Allow a rest in between each goal, as well as a reward. Show to your Accountability person, then take action! Put your action plan and Goal Setting notes in a familiar place and review as needed.

5 Steps is all it takes to get a plan for the year.


Set Goals,

Write Action Plan,

Be Accountable 

Take Action.

If only my teachers made story writing so fail-proof.

The scaffolding is in place, start building!


Cindy's story

Cindy has a problem. It’s making it hard to work from home. She’s feeling unwell and she’s sick of it. It’s time she took action. So she did what she had to do.

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Tame the Paperwork Tiger

5 Steps to purge those piles 

  1. Using scrap paper, write each category of your filing system (i.e. Home Loan, Wills, Births & Marriage Certificates, Bank Statements, etc.) on a page and place around the room.

  2. Grab a pile of papers and start sorting into categories. Continue until all your piles of paperwork are categorised.

  3. Work through each category to determine what needs shredding, filing or actioning. Make one pile for shredding, one for actioning, but keep paperwork for filing separate.

  4. Use a filing cabinet or file-o-fax to store your paperwork in clearly labelled folders/dividers.

  5. Shred your pile of sensitive documents and put your ‘Action’ pile in order of priority. Set aside a drawer for filing once the paper has been actioned, and create a ‘To Be Actioned’ file for future documents.

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