Mater Little Miracles 5km Walk 

The Little Miss Organised Team at the Mater Little Miracles 5KM walk (Source: Mater Little Miracles Facebook Page)

On June 5 the Little Miss Organised team participated in the Mater Little Miracles 5km walk at Southbank, Brisbane. As a proud sponsor of the event, this is a local charity close to our hearts.


Meet Ruby.

 On January 30, 2016 Ruby was born 6 weeks early, despite hospital efforts to prolong her life in the womb. Ruby was born perfect and no cause for the premature labour could be determined. She was moved straight into the Paediatrician’s care and I did not see or touch her until she was 3 hours old. The outlook for Ruby was very positive despite her early entry to the world and Ruby was able to breathe on her own after just 36 hours of life.


When Ruby was 2 days old she began spotting blood in her nappy and blood tests, X rays and stopping breast milk could not detect the problem. It was Suspected (or Stage 1) NEC, we were told.

On Day 5 Ruby took a turn for the worst and her little body went into shock. Lying there pale and lifeless on the bed, the doctors struggled to find an answer. Ruby was handed over to a Neonatologist, a newborn specialist. I asked him if Ruby would be okay. He looked me straight in the eye and said he couldn’t guarantee it. That was the moment our world fell apart. 

Ruby had more tests – this time a contrast X-ray and Ultrasound at Lady Cilento Hospital. During this journey Ruby had to be prodded to keep her alive as her vitals dropped. It was a very harrowing day. Thankfully the scans showed her bowel was fine and she didn’t need surgery. But there were still no answers. Ruby was put on TPN (Total Parental) Nutrition to heal her stomach and bowel and placed under a heater lamp so her tiny body would have a chance to recover.


Three days later we finally had some answers – Ruby had a blood infection. E. Coli.

Ruby needed a lumbar puncture to rule out Meningitis (which could have been fatal) and was put on 14 days of antibiotics. After a week of complete gut rest she was introduced to milk again, just 3ml at a time. Each success was a major celebration. Ruby gradually put on more weight and was sent home after 3 ½ weeks in hospital.


This is Ruby at 4 months.

She has no ongoing medical issues. Ruby is a social butterfly and loves chatting with anyone who’ll listen. She is our own little Mater Miracle and this is all thanks for the wonderful team at Mater Mother’s Hospital, Brisbane.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


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