Medicine Cabinet Clean-Out Challenge
Fri, March 20, 2015
Little Miss Organised

Recently I was invited to partake in a Medicine Cabinet Challenge. There’s a lack of education about the effects of keeping expired medications and not cleaning our your medicine cupboard regularly.

An opportunity to increase awareness about the need to declutter? I’m in! 

I keep on top of our medicinces fairly regularly so I didn’t think there’d be much point but I went ahead and did it anyway. I was actually surprised by what I found!


Here’s what I did:

1. Hunted and gathered.

I pulled out all the medicines from our trusty medicine box and any that were just hanging around the fridge (as medicines tend to do) and sorted them. I sorted my medicine box by type; bandages all together, prescriptions, etc.

2. Check expiry dates.

I went through each pile and checked expiry dates, intact seals for pills and cleaned up any spills on any bottles. I was suprised to find two prescription bottles from 2014 that were already expired. Antibiotics are usually given with instructions to take all pills until the bottle is empty. I had no idea why I actually had some left.

3. Assign a home.

I put back all my keeping medications and medical supplies according to type. All the ‘everyday’ type supplies (bandaids, paracetemol, etc.) went into one section, and the specialty supplies went into the other section.


It was as easy as that!


Thanks to the American Recall Center for issuing the challenge to me. Many of us don’t think of cleaning our medicine cabinets as a crucial cleaning project, but it’s a great opportunity to make sure we know, secure, and dispose of our medications properly. Part of knowing your medications is understanding all possible side effects associated with it. For example, the blood thinner, Xarelto. It has a horrible side effect of uncontrollable internal bleeding. Take the time to read the information when prescribed a new medication.


I’ve completed it - now it’s your turn!


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*If you’re eyeing off my medicine box, it’s actually a DVD carry case that finished serving its purpose. Now as a travel medicine case it makes taking my first aid kit on the road so much easier! I love giving repurposing items from around the home. Saves money and keeps it out of landfill!*

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