Setting Up a New Home
Mon, April 18, 2016
Little Miss Organised

You’ve found your new home. 

You’re excited. You’ve got everything lined up ready for the move. The removalist (Scotty’s of course) is booked in. The packing has commenced and moving day draws near. You’re so focused on moving out of your current property that you haven’t given much thought to what moving in is going to look like. Sure, you’ve dreamed about that big new bedroom and that fantastic play area for the kids, but you haven’t checked that your stuff is going to fit. Where will your camping gear, tupperware and the paperwork live? Are the bedrooms big enough to fit all the current furniture? Do you need to replace or add to your current set up?
Many people make the mistake of just focusing on the move.

They forget to plan for where they’re moving to. They just want to get over that finish line, where their stuff is in the new place, so they can stop paying bills for two properties. The thought is just about dumping the boxes anywhere in the new house and unpacking later. What if later never comes? Most people never plan enough time to move properly. To ensure that the new home is set up and running smoothly. They take a day or two to pack, move and unpack, but it’s never enough. There are always boxes that get left in a garage to be unpacked later, but they never are. And if you’re someone who has moved frequently, chances are, those packed up boxes have tagged along like a stray cat each time. Never being unpacked, or looked at. In fact, you’re not even sure what’s in them anymore, it’s been so long since you first packed them.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to pay to move and store items that don’t have any relevance in your life anymore. You don’t have to spend weeks or months in your new home feeling guilty about the unpacked boxes and stressed about not finding items you need for daily life. Heard the saying ‘Fail to plan, plain to fail’? When you move into a new home without having a plan for the set up of your stuff, you are creating extra stress and pressure for yourself. You’re making a task that should be fairly straightforward, more difficult.
So, how do you set up a new home from scratch?

Firstly you need to walk through the new space and imagine your ideal for each room. What furniture would look best, and where? What new items complete the vision? Are there pieces of furniture that aren’t worth transporting or setting up? Write as many notes as you can, with drawings.  Imagine what each room is going to be used for, zoning your house by purpose. In the living room, will you play board games and read books? Those items will need to live in there. Is the linen cupboard is big enough to store your picnic and party items? Is the garage set up with shelving for your camping gear? Where will your office be, and the daily paperwork? Once you have zoned the house by use, you’ll know where your furniture is going to live in your new home.
No matter what the home you left looked like, you can start with a clean slate in your new home. 

When moving day does arrive, and your beloved possessions are being unloaded at your destination, take the time to instruct exactly where they should be set down. Know where the furniture is going to go, exactly. You do not want to pay another couple hundred dollars to have the pool table moved 30cm because you didn’t measure the space beforehand. Ensure that all the boxes are unloaded in the exact room that they will live in. Make sure the boxes are clearly labelled before you move, so that unpacking is a breeze. List your new rooms by priority and task older children and helpers to unpack a room each, with instructions on what boxes are to be emptied into which cupboards. Make sure you’ve allowed enough time to sufficiently unpack and organise each nook and cranny of your home. It will take an investment of time to do it right, but it will be worth it in the end. Starting from scratch is the best time to organise your home, making it easier to maintain later.
When you don’t have to rummage through boxes trying to find your favourite shoes, you’ll thank us.


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