What’s That Smell?

5 Steps to Get Your Fridge in Tip-Top Shape

Ever pulled out a container and wondered what that green, fuzzy stuff is? If your fridge smells a bit pungent and you’re not sure what’s lurking behind the front row of items, it’s probably time for a fridge spring clean! Having an organised and clean fridge is not only good for the soul; it’s good for your body too! Keep yourself healthy and happy by eating fresh foods and eliminating odour-producing leftovers that should have been thrown out a week ago.

Not sure where to start when giving your fridge a bit of cleaning love? Try these 5 steps below to have your fridge smelling sweet and looking a treat!

1. Pull everything out shelf by shelf. Disinfect each shelf and give a good clean. Wipe over with a few drops of vanilla essence for some fridge perfume. 

2. Sort through all the items, discarding expired food, unidentifiable items, and foods you don’t like to eat.

3. Organise the items into categories - leftovers, fruits, vegetables, sauces etc. Place back according to use, and size. Don’t keep milk in the door!

4. Make an “Eat First” section using a basket or coloured paper to stop hidden food from going off.

5. Keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge to update when items are running low. Makes shopping a breeze!

Maintain the order and cleanliness of your fridge by giving it a good clean each time you do the grocery shopping. Make sure you eat as much of the contents of the fridge as possible before completing your shopping. This will make it easier to see what foods are left and if any shelves need cleaning before you restock with fresh contents. Give your clean a full spring clean every 6-12 months to keep your senses happy.