5 Differences Between Organisers & Cleaners

You wouldn’t confuse a tradie with a cleaner just because they tidy up the job site as part of their role, would you? The same goes for Professional Organisers. Whilst Organisers may tidy and clean along the way, their primary aim is to help you get organised and stay organised.

Below are 5 differences that set Professional Organisers apart.

  1. Organisers do it with you, not for you.

    Cleaners focus on cleaning surfaces. An Organiser focuses on cleaning ‘stuff’, which sometimes includes your ‘head stuff’.

  2. Organisers teach you skills and systems.

    While we work alongside you, we teach you tips and strategies that you can implement in multiple areas of life. While we love our work, we don’t want to come back and declutter the same area each time. You might need a refresher, but our goal is to see you equipped to maintain an organised life.

  3. Organisers help you make tough decisions.

    Dealing with stuff can be hard. Organisers are empathetic and work at your pace to ensure you make the right decision for you. We know that stuff is not just ‘stuff’. There’s more to it. An emotional connection to your children’s artwork. A positive or negative association with a piece of clothing. We understand the psychological issues that connect us to our stuff, and we’ll help you understand them too.

  4. Organisers know that each client is an individual.

    What worked for another client, won’t necessarily work for you. Success is individual: for some it’s a display-ready home, whilst for others, it’s to see the floor again. We work with you to understand your goals and create a plan to achieve them.

  5. Organisers care for your wellbeing.

    If we think we’re in over our head, we’ll seek further help for you. We’re not Psychologists, IT specialists, Nannies, or Social Workers. We’re here to help you manage your life, and at times this may mean seeking additional help outside our scope.

Whilst some cleaners may have organisational abilities, we want to issue a warning against hiring a cleaner in the place of a Professional Organiser. Without the proper training, experience, or Industry Association, they won’t be able to help you implement lasting change, and they won’t have strategies to help you deal with the emotional attachments to your stuff.

Do you want a shiny floor you can eat off? Get a cleaner.

Do you want long-lasting transformation in your home? Get an Organiser.

We’re both great at what we do – but we are not the same!

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