11 signs you need a P.O.


Wondering if you need the help from a Professional Organiser (P.O.) to declutter and organise your home? Here are 11 signs that you may benefit from calling in the experts:

  1. You feel overwhelmed.Whenever you think about decluttering, the feeling of overwhelm hits and so you put it off. If you do manage to start, then it’s not long before the mess becomes overwhelming and everything gets stuffed back in.
  2. Life is changing. You have either been through, or are preparing for, a major life transition. It could be moving home, having a baby, managing an illness or disability, downsizing, or changing your job.
  3. You struggle to make decisions. You find it hard to decide what to do with certain items. Maybe you aren’t sure what you should be taking into consideration or perhaps you are concerned about making the ‘wrong’ decision.
  4. You don’t want to just send everything to landfill. You know you need to let go but you feel a sense of responsibility not to be wasteful. You want your items to go to people who need and value them.
  5. You’re buying double ups. Think about it. You know you have a few pairs of scissors lying around somewhere, but since you can’t find them easily then you simply buy another pair (it’s always the scissors folks!)
  6. You struggle to put things away. Cupboards are full and disorganised. When you get something out it’s hard to find space to put it away afterwards. Your family aren’t sure where things belong, so the items get shoved in anywhere, or worse, left out.
  7. You have a Junk Room. Enough said. *insert dream of it being a craft room, office, playroom, guest room…* A P.O. can make this happen!
  8. You can’t park the car in the garage anymore. How is it that you’ve ended up with one of your most valuable possessions sitting out the front, whilst inside the garage is overflowing with unnecessary or unorganised items? 
  9. You’ve attempted to get help from friends or family but it didn’t go well. Maybe they had different values and goals to you. Maybe you just ended up reminiscing over the old days and didn’t achieve much beyond a belly laugh. 
  10. You’re experiencing feelings of shame. You avoid entertaining, and feel uncomfortable letting others see your home. You’d die of embarrassment if someone simply ‘dropped by’. You blame yourself for not managing to keep on top of things.
  11. You need accountability. We all do. It’s best when you have someone working alongside you, motivating and keeping you accountable for the progress you make. Without this, the task seems too hard, you get distracted, or give up. 

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, don’t hesitate to contact our team of P.O.’s. We would love to chat with you and see how we can help. 


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