Where did the word clutter come from

Where did the word ‘clutter’ come from?

Professional Organisers talk a lot about clutter and decluttering. But, where did the word come from? And how long has the idea of clutter been around?

The origins may date as far back as the 1400’s! The word clotern originated from an effort to describe a type of ‘blockage (clot) formed by heaping things on top of each other’. The variant clutter was defined (as a verb) in the 1550’s meaning ‘to collect in heaps and crowd together in disorder’ and later in the 1570’s (as a noun) meaning ‘things lying in heaps or crowded confusion’ [source: Online Etymology Dictionary].

So, it seems that having piles and disorder at home is not just a modern problem!

However, what is more recent is an awareness of the impact of clutter on our homes and wellbeing. In response to this, a new group of professionals has flourished with a passion and talent for helping people let go and get organised. 

Enter Professional Organisers

Professional Organisers (PO’s) bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about how clutter arises. They use this to help you understand more about why it might be happening in your home. Life transitions, busy-ness, and illness can all cause clutter to become overwhelming.

PO’s are skilled at helping you to work through the clutter and make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. Importantly, they assist you in making decisions that are right for you, without judgement. PO’s also provide advice on ways to maintain a clear space and give insights into new habits and systems that can support your goals.

Clutter may be an age-old problem but back then they definitely didn’t have the same volume and variety of possessions to deal with, nor the same level of awareness of social responsibility. Luckily, Little Miss Organised has you covered! 

Social Responsibility

One benefit of working with the LMO team is that we remove donated items at the end of a session so that you can enjoy clear spaces immediately. No more bags rolling around in the boot for months. No more corners of the garage taken up by boxes for donation. We maintain a network of specialty charities so that your items are given a second life and go where they are needed most.  

Another benefit is the advice we give on how to responsibly dispose of recyclable items. Recently we began a partnership with local social enterprise Substation 33, which enables us to remove e-waste from your home. Don’t underestimate how much room that old TV is taking up! Anything with a cable or a plug can be recycled without any hassle to you.

If you’d like to clear the clutter in your home, then give us a call so we can discuss what options may be best for you. 

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