5 Signs You Need More Organisation in Your Home

When it comes to our homes, some of us know we need more organization. The clutter may prevent us from closing cupboard doors or even using our kitchen bench! But sometimes, it isn’t so obvious that there is a problem with clutter. The tricky thing about disorganization is, it can affect us in ways we don’t even realize. If you aren’t sure if you need more organization in your home, these five signs will help you figure out if you’ve got a problem with disorganization or clutter.

  1. You can’t find things the first time.
    We can all agree it is frustrating when you are about to race out the door to a birthday party, and you realize you haven’t wrapped the present yet. You quickly rush around the house, trying to find the wrapping paper. You know you had some in the linen cupboard, or maybe it was in the back of your walk-in-robe? You finally see it in the hallway cupboard and quickly try to make some space on the dining table to wrap the present. You then realize you don’t have tape or scissors and race madly around the house to find them. “Where are all the scissors!” You shout to no one in particular. You know you have several pairs but don’t know where they’ve ended up. After you finally locate all the items you need and finish wrapping the gift, you head for the front door before stopping suddenly in your tracks. You still need a card! You have kept many blank cards in case of times like these, but you don’t know which box they ended up in when you started reorganizing the spare bedroom during the school holidays. You look at the clock and see you’re already going to be 20 minutes late and can’t afford the time it will take to look around the house for the cards. You’re going to have to swing by the shops and grab one on your way to the party. You sigh – life doesn’t have to be this hard, right?
  2. There never seems to be enough time in the day.
    If disorganization is secretly robbing you of time, you may notice you are constantly chasing your tail.
    • The little bumps in the road take little chunks of time from you little by little throughout the day.
    • You may find getting yourself in and out of the house isn’t a streamlined process.
    • You may find you jump from problem to problem in your home, and the initial tasks you set out to continue to be put off.
    • You may find yourself walking past piles of clutter, delayed decisions, and tasks you’ve meant to get to later but later never seems to come.
    • Most importantly, you may notice you don’t have any time for yourself anymore.
  3. The state of your home is affecting your mental health..
    Studies show that clutter affects your mental health. It’s been shown to be a significant predictor of wellbeing. If you are surrounded by stuff, it may be inhibiting your ability to relax. For example, if you walk into space and see a pile of ‘to-dos,’ it can make it hard to switch off. Consider the feeling you get when you walk into your bedroom. Is it a sanctuary? Does it fill you with a sense of calm and relaxation to end the day? What about when you start the day? Is the first thing you see when you open your eyes is yesterday’s delayed decisions and tasks? Seeing these pending responsibilities keeps us in a state of arousal, making it hard to decompress and walk through our days with less stress.
  4. Disorganization is affecting your relationships. .
    There are many ways disorganization affects our relationships in our homes and leeching out into other areas of our life. Some of the things you may notice are:
    • Clutter is causing you to fight with your family. In fact, a report of Australian households in 2017 found that 45% of Australians oppose clutter!
    • It has become stressful to have friends over. You may find trying to make the house ‘presentable’ is often a mammoth task, and once your guests arrive, you then find it hard to wind down and enjoy their company.
    • You struggle to take the time to see important people even though you want to
    • You feel like you are the only one who sees the disorganization, causing you to ‘nag’ others for help. This mental load is a heavy burden, and you’re tired! While you hoped each family member would do their part, their lack of help with the issue makes you a little resentful.
  5. You aren’t prepared for an emergency..
    If a natural disaster was to hit right now, would you be prepared? Many people can’t say yes to this question, which is a big concern, especially for Australians. We face intense bushfires and devastating floods, and if they come with little warning, we need to be prepared. If you can’t access all the essential documents you need and get out of your home in under 30 seconds, you may need more organization in your home.

Do you recognize any of these five signs in your home? You are not alone! Many of us know deep down we want our homes to run a little smoother to reclaim time for the things we love. Getting in and out the door doesn’t have to be a monumental task! You can make your home a sanctuary no matter the size of your budget. The simple solution is getting more organized!
If you’d like to hear more about how getting organized will change your life, check out our podcast episode (#1) on this very topic here. If you are looking for more tips to help you get started, download our free Decluttering Decision-Making Tree or Organising Cheat Sheet. But if you are looking to get serious about organizing your home and want insider knowledge from the Professional Organisation industry to know precisely how, check out our online courses. No matter what you do, remember it is all about progress, not perfection.

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