Meet the Team


Known as ‘Little Miss Organised’ from childhood, Bonnie left classroom teaching in 2011 to pursue her dream of creating a more organised world. 

Her passion is helping families become more organised through decluttering, setting up routines and chore systems. Bonnie has a special interest in working with children. She enjoys teaching them to be more independent and able to better manage their time and space.

With no fear of public speaking, Bonnie is raw and real as she shares her experiences. From juggling motherhood and running a business, to renovating her home and volunteering for charity, Bonnie strives for a healthy work/life balance. 


Although a messy child by nature, Cassie’s inner organiser was set free when she had her own home. Now a mother of two lively boys, Cassie knows the key to organising kids is to set a great example.

She loves helping parents find ways to simplify their child’s environment, organise their belongings, and set them up for success. Cassie’s special interest is helping families with complex circumstances. This is largely due to her experience with her eldest child’s ASD, ADHD and ODD.

Cassie’s passion is creating order out of disorder. She has a keen eye for aesthetic detail and recognising the potential of space. Her own family live in under 100sqm! Cassie’s desire is to help her clients create a calm haven that inspires and motivates.


Arwen is a trained Social Worker and mum of two energetic boys. Arwen discovered her flair for organising after experiencing firsthand how a clutter-free home and established routines created a peaceful and organised life for her young family. With her calm and caring nature, Arwen enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals for creating stress-free lives.

As a busy mum and part-time worker, she understands the complexities of juggling family, work, relationships, and other responsibilities. Arwen’s special interest is helping families be prepared for the unexpected to reduce mental and emotional stress.

Arwen also has a keen interest in encouraging clients to develop a sustainable mindset around personal resources of time and energy as well as patterns of consumption and reducing waste in their home. 


Sue hails from the Netherlands and speaks English, Dutch, French, and German. Prior to joining LMO, Sue worked in travel consulting and market research, as well as volunteering to foster rescue dogs.

After having her two boys, Sue found it necessary to become a lot more organised. Her tendency to be a slight control freak lead to a fulfilling and rewarding position where she could channel her skills to help others improve their lives. 

In her spare time, Sue plays tennis, puts her hand to mosaics, and relishes a good book. She still has a love for travelling and enjoys showing her children the world.


Kelly is likely to be the voice you hear when you first call us. As the administrative force behind Little Miss Organised, Kelly answers your queries and sets appointments with our Organisers. She has worked administratively for her husband’s business for 25 years. Kelly is passionate about ensuring people feel heard and that they know their story matters.

A mother to three daughters, Kelly aims to be the best role model possible by showing kindness and empathy to everyone she meets. Kelly lives purposefully each day, contributing to the world in her positive way.