Meet the Team

Bonnie Black - Founder & Owner

Known as ‘Little Miss Organised’ from childhood, Bonnie left classroom teaching in 2011 to pursue her dream of creating a more organised world.

Bonnie is passionate about delivering workshops that encourage participants to rethink their attachment to stuff and offers practical tips that can be implemented straight away. With no fear of public speaking, Bonnie is raw and real as she shares her experiences in an engaging and inspiring way.

Having renovated her home for 5 years whilst having 3 kids under 4 and a shift-working husband, Bonnie knows just how important it is to create work/life balance and thrive.

Bonnie, alongside her sister, created Little Home Organised in 2020 to help people get on top of their clutter, no matter where they live. LHO offers a variety of online courses and a weekly podcast to teach you the skills needed to declutter your home from head to toe. 

Cassie - Professional Organiser

Although a messy child by nature, Cassie’s inner organiser was set free when she set up her first home away from home. Now a mother of two lively boys, Cassie knows the key to organising kids is to set a great example.

Cassie loves helping families and individuals find ways to simplify their environment, organise their belongings, and set up great foundations for a functional home, so that even when life gets a bit hectic, it doesn’t take much to put things back in place.

Cassie has a keen eye for aesthetic detail and recognising the potential beauty in a space. Her own family live in under 100sqm! Cassie’s desire is to help her clients create a calm haven that inspires and motivates.

Sue - Professional Organiser

Sue was born in the Netherlands and speaks English, Dutch, French, and German. Prior to joining LMO, Sue worked in market research, as well as volunteering to foster rescue dogs.

After having her two boys, Sue focused on becoming a lot more organised. The habits and skills she developed led to to a very rewarding position helping others to improve their lives. 

In her spare time, Sue plays tennis, puts her hand to mosaics, and relishes a good book. She still has a love for travelling and enjoys showing her children the world.

Tamra - Professional Organiser

Tamra once again calls Australia home after spending the past 26 years living in Africa with her husband and two sons.

Tamra became a proud homemaker as they embarked on expatriate life. Naturally, she gained plenty of experience in packing and unpacking, decluttering, organising and making a home away from home. 

Tamra is passionate about helping people within her community and has volunteered for many years as a trauma counsellor for victims of crime.

Lily - Social Media Marketing

Lily works behind the scenes managing the social media marketing for Little Miss Organised. 

Lily co-hosts the Little Home Organised podcast, alongside her sister, Bonnie.  Combining the wealth of knowledge from LMO’s Professional Organising team, they created the Little Home Organised courses to help teach more people the skills needed to declutter and organise their homes.

After working overseas for 6+ years, Lily returned home with her husband to start their family and is now mother to a young baby. She attests to organisation being key in keeping her on top of life as a young mum.

Helenna-Organizing Assistant Little Miss Organised
Helenna – Organising Assistant
Helenna grew up in a small rural town in a sprawling old Queenslander that had a little bit of a clutter problem… From the chaos, grew a love for decluttering, re-organising and tidying. Helenna is an Artist in her spare time, having exhibited her drawings in various different rural Art Galleries. But as well as art she has a passion for most creative pursuits; sewing, music, and more! This love of creation also translates to her love of beautiful spaces and an appreciation of colour. Helenna’s eye for detail and love for organisation makes her the perfect partner for home organisation.
Liza-Organizing Assistant Little Miss Organised
Liza – Organising Assistant
Liza is the only lady in her family of boys. In her family you can find her supportive husband, three energetic boys and Bazil the Schnauzer cross. Liza’s all too familiar with the daily task of cleaning, sorting and organising to keep their home environment neat, comfortable and welcoming! Not only does she love to organise but Liza also has a flare for the creative. Since moving to Australia, she has enjoyed researching and implementing ideas to style her home, adding a touch of pink (of course!) to balance the masculine dominance in her home! Liza’s experience in adult learning and life coaching helps her clients effectively identify goals and strive towards achieving them. She thrives on helping and supporting anyone in need and loves the opportunity to share a word of encouragement to brighten someone’s day!
Kelly - Administrator Extraordinaire

Kelly is likely to be the voice you hear when you first call us. As the administrative force behind Little Miss Organised, Kelly answers your queries and sets appointments with our Organisers. She has worked administratively for her husband’s business for 25 years. Kelly is passionate about ensuring people feel heard and that they know their story matters.

A mother to three daughters, Kelly aims to be the best role model possible by showing kindness and empathy to everyone she meets. Kelly lives purposefully each day, contributing to the world in her positive way.