Never worked with a Professional Organiser before?

You may be feeling unsure about the process. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand how a PO can help you declutter and organise your home.

If you have more questions about how our team can support you, please get in touch!

A Professional Organiser (PO) will help you organise your home, life, time, and workplace. A PO is an expert in clearing clutter, creating systems that work, and teaching you how to maintain your spaces. Each Organiser is unique, bringing a special set of skills and life experience to the task.

A Professional Organiser is your best friend, personal trainer, cheerleader, and therapist all rolled into one. A PO will stand beside you as you make the tough decisions on what is important to you and what stuff you no longer need. They will guide you through the process, offering expert and objective advice. They will work with you towards achieving the goals you have for your space.

Each space is different and every client is unique. Here are some examples of what our PO’s do:

  • Move furniture, sell unwanted items, and donate goods to charity,
  • Create family chore charts and routines,
  • Work one-on-one with students to create effective study timetables,
  • Help parents create a family schedule or meal planning system,
  • Assist seniors to downsize in readiness to move,
  • Manage a house move from packing boxes through to setting up a new home,
  • Create filing systems for paperwork in an office,
  • Assist those with Hoarding tendencies or behaviour to understand their attachment to their stuff and work with them to create a safe environment that is clutter-free,
  • Clear homes on a deadline after a loved one has passed.

Little Miss Organised offers ConsultationsPractical Sessions, and Clutter Buster Packages. We recommend giving us a call so that we can discuss your needs and find the best solution for you. We will then match you with one of our Professional Organisers who will walk with you through the decluttering and organising process.

Results vary depending on several factors including the level of clutter, your decision-making ability, and able-bodiedness to assist. Little Miss Organised will work at your pace to ensure you make the best decisions in alignment with your goals. Your Organiser will check in with you regularly to ensure you are on task, working efficiently, and in good health.

You will get better value and we can be more productive if you are present to make final decisions. We prefer to work one-on-one with our clients to ensure expectations are met, goals are achieved, and strategies for maintenance are learned.

Significant life changes are often the catalyst for decluttering. If you are moving house, expecting a baby, changing jobs, going through divorce, or supporting a loved one through accident or illness, then now is the best time to invest in getting organised. This will free you up to focus on the life change without the burden of clutter.

Alternatively, you may simply be feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, buying double ups because you can’t find the first item, or are tired of seeing a constant mess. Don’t put it off any longer! Give us a call so that we can discuss your needs and see how we can best assist you in the process.

Absolutely not! You have the final decision on all items and whether they are to be kept, thrown, or given to a new home. Your Organiser will encourage you to make decisions to suit your individual circumstances. Little Miss Organised values recycling and repurposing, and as such, 100% of donatable items are given a second life.

We wholly support giving your unwanted items a second home! Please see our Donations Cheat Sheet on where to donate locally.

We offer Virtual Consultations for regional and international clients. You will have access to expert advice as one of our Professional Organisers guides you through the decluttering and organising process.

Alternatively, you can tune into our weekly podcast (Little Home Organised) for free tips or sign up for one of our online courses

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  • Stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Buying double ups because you can’t find the first item?
  • Sick of getting nowhere in your attempts to get organised?
  • Constantly running late or feeling exhausted?
  • Tired of seeing a mess and having no time to deal with it?