Theresas Story of improvement and reorganisation

Improvement and Reorganisation Story of Theresa

The Initial Consultation with LMO

“It was mid 2018 when I reached out to LMO for help organising my work/art room. Living rurally in the Lockyer Valley meant that a home visit wasn’t viable, so we caught up by Skype to chat about the situation. The Internet was a little sketchy in areas but I was able to give LMO the full house tour. 

Realizing the Bigger Picture

“While I was seeking advice for reorganising my art room, the tour gave LMO the visuals needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. LMO asked lots of questions and helped me realise that it wasn’t the state of the room that was necessarily the problem. I was in the WRONG room. Even though I had already known that, I still couldn’t see how I could make it happen. It was too overwhelming. I procrastinated. There had to be an easier way.

Simplifying Life and Making Changes

“Then, at the beginning of 2019 I simplified life and starting taking care of myself. After stopping social media, I lost weight and began getting regular massages. Then the penny dropped. I opened the door of the room I wanted to move into, and I set about making it mine. 

Reclaiming Space and Treating it Like a Treasure

“I gave myself over to the project slowly. Taking all of March to remove all the rubbish, make repairs and paint the walls. Then I started moving in my stuff. But not just anything. Only the items that would support me would come. 

“I’ve set up reminders around the room, things that help me remember all the good things I want to bring back into my life. I have a standing desk, without having to purchase something new. Once my mind was opened, the possibilities were endless; I just needed to see them.

“I’ve reclaimed space in my workroom, and I treat it like a treasure. I maintain empty spaces around my room, daily. I extended my space onto the veranda with a French table setting, where I sit and enjoy a cuppa while I journal. 

The Power of an Organised Workspace

“I’ve maintained my space for 2 months now – and have made more progress in that time than I had in 2-3 years previously. My next project is to finish off the old workroom and convert it into a wardrobe and sewing room. But I am revelling in my new, very productive space. 

“Thank you very much for turning my head around to face where I really wanted to go at the time, but never gave myself permission to.”

– Theresa

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