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Best Organisation ideas for kids toys

Dealing with your children’s toys is one of parenthood’s most difficult tasks. When you have children, it often feels like their toys have taken over the entire house.

You clean the house thoroughly every night, yet the toys are back on the floor the following day. And not only do these toys make your space look cluttered and untidy, but they can also lead to injury if stepped on. This is a challenge for most parents of young children, regardless of how large or tiny their living space is.

Here are some handy tips to help you organise your kids’ toys and get your living space back in order:

Create a Playroom

All the toys your child has will undoubtedly take up a lot of space, and poorly managed organisation will result in even more mess. Create a playroom with colourful storage bins to reclaim your living space. Then, have all the toys brought in and organised there. This makes a visually appealing area where you can put all your child’s toys together without preventing their access during playtime.

If you don’t have a playroom, creating a designated play place is also a brilliant way to organise your kids’ toys.

Provide Storage Boxes

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Toy storage and organisation are made easy with the storage box. After playing with their toys, encourage your kids to place them in boxes. Make the activity more enjoyable for your children. You can name it “pack up time” and get down and help them.

Put whatever toys you want to give to charity or friends and family in a separate box. Items that are no longer appropriate for children but you want to save for sentimental reasons, or future children can also go in a box. The only toys in the room should be the ones your kids need or want.

Lead By Example

lead by example best professional organiser kids organisation near us brisbane logan city sunshine coast gold coast little miss organised

Parents need to set an example for the behaviour they want their kids to exhibit. Encouraging your child to put away their toys will be challenging if you always leave a mess since they will unknowingly imitate your behaviour. 

When you get home, put your shoes and bags away to set an example of organisation. By walking your child through putting away their toys and encouraging them to help you, you can involve them in this educational experience.

Donate to Charity

donate to charity best professional organiser near us brisbane logan city sunshine coast gold coast little miss organised

When you tidy your kids’ room, sitting room, or playroom, you often run out of space to put all the toys. They seem to be just everywhere and growing.

You need to start giving out some toys soon. Else your entire house will become a massive Lego scrapyard with broken toys everywhere.

Start by getting rid of the damaged toys. Then, assemble the toys in good condition that never get used and donate them to charity. You can give educational games to a nearby daycare, Books 4 PNG Kids, or the Solomon Islands. Donate board games and puzzles to the Share Shed, Local Library, or Access Community Services in your neighbourhood. 

By regularly donating toys, you can organise your home and reclaim part of your valuable living space.

And hey, there’s no reason why you can’t sell a toy, either. Unused toys can be sold as second-hand value items. So you can make extra money while decluttering your space. It’s a win-win solution.

Read or listen to Bonnie on 96.5 Luke & Susie radio show to learn more about organising your kids’ toys:


Faith Family Culture with Luke and Susie, and look, different families handle this aspect of life differently. When you have children, bit by bit, you acquire toys. You have a baby, you get toys, you have birthday party, you get toys there’s constantly. All of these toys, more toys keep coming into a toy, always appear out of nowhere and they are in your house.

Creating a Play Space for Kids


I think toys hang out together, the next thing you know, there’s baby toys. I don’t know how it happens, Susie I’ve had the birds and the bees talks, but this is a whole new level. Right?


However it goes, there needs to be a way to make sure there is a good space for the kids to play with, whether it’s an area or a room. But how do you actually organise that? To help us with that Little Miss Organised, Bonnie is joining us. How are you?


Good. How are you guys?




Excellent toys.


Yes. Breed overnight. You just shut the Covid and you wake up and there’s more. I just don’t know how it does.


It’s amazing. It really is.


And like, I’d understand if it was there’s mummy toy and daddy toy and the baby toy looked just like the mummy toy and daddy toy, but it’s a whole different species and it’s usually on the floor and sharp accidentally stand on it.


Yes. Middle of the night, like the moment. We love it, don’t we?


Or you get up in the middle of the night with a cricket bat because you think there’s someone who’s an invader in your house and it turns out just to be a short circuit in one of those electrical toys.


I tell you what, I have heard that so many times and it freaks you out, doesn’t it?


Yeah, absolutely does. How do we go about creating this Toys/play space for our children without it becoming the whole house?

Creating an Organised Play Space


Yes. Look, it’s really important to actually have a specific zone for where your toys are going to go. And this is often the best place to be near the heart of the home. So if you’re in the kitchen and you’ve got an open plan kitchen living for the area, the playroom being there is actually the best place to your kids because they want to be near you.

So if you’ve got a playroom that’s closed off, it’s down the other end of the house. Your kids are not going to use it as much. However you’ve set it up, it might be beautiful. They want to be near you. So set your playroom up near the heart of the home and actually bring all the toys in there and have them categorised, go through them and do a cull.

The other important thing to remember is if you’ve got kids of varying ages, quite often we start off with the baby toys and then obviously we grow to older toys, but we still keep those baby toys. When we’ve got the next kids coming through. But what we tend to find is that younger kids want to play with their siblings who are older. So those baby toys don’t really get used as much. So people can really cut down on those individual toys quite easily and just keep the toys that are kind of friendly for everyone to play with.

Organisational Challenges and Surprises in the Toy Zone


Okay, so keeping age specifically because that’s the thing, isn’t it? We kind of forget what’s there. If it’s not organised, you forget what toys are even in there and suddenly you go back and you find a Blankie


This is like we talked recently about the pantry. Suit this to me is the toy section is like the pantry. You go through and organise it. You go, yeah, great, everything categorised. And then the next three days later there is just stuff that you realise is just useless and it’s not there. Where did it come from? I don’t know. Just all of a sudden it’s very difficult. Kids, you cleaned the house pretty thoroughly the other day and we’ve got a very designated area and you put everything in its place. And then last night we stood in the kitchen area, which is sort of you could see the kids toy area and I swear one of them took a Samsung Galaxy Note Seven, stuck it in the middle, made it explode and that was what we saw. I swear it.

Involving Children in Play Area Cleanup


Feels like it. Bonnie keeping it organised. How involved are your children in keeping their own play area clean?


Look, I’ve got a son who’s nearly two and my daughter is seven months, so she’s not very involved at all. But my two year old, he’s actually really good and he’s been good since about twelve months on from a very early age. Okay, it’s pack up time. Mom is going to help you pack up. Let’s pack away. Can you put this in the box for me?

When he was old enough to walk or crawl or whatever and kids just naturally are interested and curious in what you’re doing, so they’re going to learn the best from watching and copying mum and dad. So I have just modelled that for him over and over again. In those days where he throws a bit of a tantrum and doesn’t want to pack up, I just encourage him to keep to do it. And if I get down there and I have to pack up 90% of them and he only does 10%, that’s okay for that day because there are other times where he will pack up everything on his own.


Yeah. When your mum is called a Little Miss Organised, what hope do you have so?

Organising Tips and Parting Words from Bonnie


I know. I tell you like he reminds me, we come home and he’s shoes. Shoes. Can we put the shoes away now?


Just getting some messages through before we let you go. That when referencing about the playroom being down at the other end of the house and they want to be near you. So that the message is saying no know the kids want to be nearest. That’s why it’s no accident that the playrooms down the other side of the house. I’m just passing on the message.


Buddy a little bit more organised. We thank you so much for helping us get our houses in order. Really appreciate your time.


Not a problem. Chat next time.


These tips for maintaining order in the play area are affordable and easy to apply. The good news is that you can do a few things on the list to start seeing results. All it takes is a little commitment from you to apply these ideas to organise your kids’ toys and playroom.

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