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Pantry Organisation Tips From the Experts

Pantry organisation ensures that your dry food supplies are sorted and stored properly. This keeps everything in the pantry tidy and makes it easy to find and access food items. 

It also helps you avoid wasting money because you have to throw out expired food. An organised pantry will assist you in consuming food prior to the expiration date.

Here are simple storage tips from experts to keep your pantry organised and your kitchen cabinet storage in good shape.

Sort Into Categories

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Sort your food items into categories. Put similar items in one place.  Your baking supplies, cereals, cans, and spices should be in the same place. This lets you see everything you have and speeds up the process of organising and decluttering. Additionally, it’s an excellent approach to identify any items you could be running low on.

Dispose Of Expired Items

Go through your food and discard anything that has reached the end of its shelf life. This creates additional space for other items to be stored properly. As you purge, put these products on your shopping list to ensure you have the pantry necessities when you need them.

After going through your pantry and disposing of expired food items, you may end up with empty containers. Repurpose these extra containers for other uses within the house or donate them to goodwill.

Provide Extra Storage

To maximise space and visibility in your pantry, utilise baskets or stands for things that don’t require sealable containers. When kept in a basket, meal packets are convenient to reach, and grocery bags in a bag holder keeps the floor of your pantry clear.

Additionally, you can give away food that is in date and unopened that you don’t want to eat to free up space in your pantry. For example, it could be a particular food a family member wanted to have when they were visiting. If you are not going to eat it, give it away to a local community group or op shops.

Use Clear, Same Type Containers

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Separate items into clear containers labelled with the food inside to create an organised and crisp overall pantry appearance. Use containers that stack nicely and are large enough to avoid having half-food bags that won’t fit into the space.

Label Your Containers

little miss organised pantry organisation tips near me brisbane logancity sunshine coast gold coast professional organiser

Use labels to avoid pantry perils and keep your organisation process straightforward. Labels are ideal for marking jars and other containers so you can easily identify your pantry products and reduce visual clutter. In addition, having a label prevents you from squinting or guessing at the contents of your containers, even if you can see through them.

Listen to Susie, Luke, and Bonnie discussing tips about organising the pantry.


Faith Family Culture with Luke and Susie, and helping us to get our homes in order. 




It would be nice if she could come to all of our houses and just personally get a set up.

The Importance of Sorting and Labeling


But if like, none of this advice stuff just come and do it.


Well, given that we can’t do that, we have got her giving us the very best of advice that she has. Bonnie from Little Miss Organised. While she is a little Miss Organised how are you, Bonnie?


I’m good. Thanks, Susie. How are you?


Can I just clarify Suzie? Have you actually confirmed that we couldn’t do that? Have you really put the offer to her properly?


I think I know enough about Bonnie’s life that she would not have. Go check out the blog on the website. A Little Miss Organised about the babies. Beautiful, just beautiful. Writing their Bonnie. Maybe we’ll talk about that sometime. But today we have been asked to talk about pantries the getting them organised and keeping them organised. What are your best tips for keeping our Pantry in order?

Creating a Maintenance System


Absolutely. I think the biggest problem with Pantry is that we have this culture of over acquisition. We always feel like there’s no food in the house if the Pantry has any bare spaces. So there’s just this some culture we’ve got to stock up. We’ve got a world is ending or something like that, and we’ve always got to have way too much food in the cupboard. And consequently, because of that, we can’t find things. Things go out of date and new stuff gets born, just shoved on top.

We can’t find things that we bought a few months ago, we buy another one and just this kind of vicious cycle. So probably the first step for people to do is to stop over buying and make sure that when they go out, they’ve got a list of exactly what they need and maybe a couple of things that they want to buy. But not focusing on getting six of one item because it’s on sale, because the amount of houses we go into that have got six boxes of cereal that went out of date a couple of months ago because they bought them on sale, it’s actually a real waste.


Yeah. What a bargain. What a bargain.

The Pitfalls of Bulk Buying


It is a bargain. But at the same time, if you weren’t going to pay full price for an item, buying bulk on sale is not actually saving you anything anyway. And just having to throw it out is obviously a bit of a shame.


For me, I go and I listen to what you’re saying. I said getting our Pantry organised is actually not a difficult thing for us. We’ve done it several times. We’ve just gone, right, we’re starting from scratch and we’ve applied things that would put a massive smile on your face and then about three days later, it looks like the old pantry again. I find it difficult that things don’t easily compartmentalise in a Pantry for me.

Investing in Your Pantry for Long-Term Success


Yeah. And the Pantry is one of those places you really have to invest in. It’s a bit like weight loss. You can’t just do the weight loss and then expect the weight to stay off if you’re eating bad food. So you have to actually make a habit to reorganise the pantry and put things back where they need to go and actually buy containers that stack, that are clear, that are all the same type. Like when people have four or five different types of containers, it just ends up in a mess.


Yeah, absolutely. So your tips, as we understand it, for getting the Pantry organised, is do a big clean out, get things sorted in, clear stackable containers, all of the same type, so it looks neat, it looks tidy, and you can see what you have. And then shop to a shopping list. So you’re only getting what you need, not just filling the pantry. Because of filling the Pantry sake.

The Importance of Categories and Labels


Yeah, absolutely. And use labels and categories. And if you have kids that need snacks after school and you don’t want to be rifling through the Pantry, have a snacks box so the kids know that they can go and grab something out of all those kinds of things.


What categories do you have in your cupboard?


So I have a baking section, a meal section, a snack section, and then kind of do you have a bit of a miscellaneous.


Yes, the miscellaneous.


But I know what’s in there and I take control of it.


That sounded like a little miss organised. If somebody else puts the wrong thing in the wrong place, it becomes a little miss grumpy.


No, no, no my husband just knows that if something’s in there just because I wanted it somewhere else.


Well, she warned against yoyo dieting and yoyo Pantry organising. Making sure you stay on top of it. A little miss organised, I guess. Thank you, buddy.


Thank you, guys.


Your pantry cabinet will stay organised if you categorise your foods, discard expired products, buy more of your needs than your wants, and clearly label your containers.

Your organised pantry will motivate you to prepare nutritious meals. Since you can clearly see what food supplies are almost finished, preparing a grocery list will be simple.

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