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How can a Professional Organiser help? A messy and disorganised space can impact your overall well-being. When you are constantly in a disorganised space it impacts your cognitive function and ultimately reduces your ability to focus.

Cognitive function can also impact your working memory which means you are less likely to perform as well as you would in an organised space. A cluttered environment can make you feel anxious and depressed. This is because a disorganised space can initiate low-grade fight-and-flight responses in our bodies. Are you constantly behind schedule? Are you less efficient, and it takes you longer to perform tasks? Are you making poor eating choices just because your kitchen is a mess?

Whether you are a busy Mum-on-the-go, you are downsizing, have an empty nest, have a disability or simply need a helping hand, Little Miss Organised is here to help!

A Consultation provides you with a detailed report (HOS Report) assessing the space, providing a personalised solution and recommended resources. This report is an excellent tool for clients to share with stakeholders and for NDIS Participants to use for NDIS Plan Reviews.

What Is Included In Our Consultation

Identity your Goals Little Miss Oraganised

Identify Your Goals

This includes your objectives for organising and identifying possible roadblocks to achieving your outcomes.

Detailed Assessment Little Miss Oraganised

Detailed Assessment

After a detailed assessment of the space/s, we discuss with you how you would like to feel once the project is complete.

Identify the Problem Little Miss Oraganised

Identify The Problem

We identify potential behaviours, habits and actions that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Action Plan Report Little Miss Oraganised

HOS Report

Home Organising Soulutions Report is a tool that will help identify problems and provide a personalised detailed solution.

Our “Home Organising Solutions Report” will give you a step-by-step guide on how to reclaim your life from clutter and overwhelm.

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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How Being Organised Will Improve Your Life

Cherish Family Time

Out of all the resources in the world, time is the one thing that we can never get back! Enjoy watching your child’s football game or dance recital without the guilt of what you still need to complete.

Better Relationships

By being organised you can share the mental load of managing your home and family. Divide household tasks appropriately and develop better systems to maintain organisation.

Be Prepared

Emergencies are unpredictable by nature. Having a plan in place will help you manage any crisis, such as a Grab ‘N Go folder. Systems like this will help manage the fallout of an emergency.

Find What You Need

When you are organised you can actually find the things that you need the first time! No more frustration, overwhelm or running late because you simply can’t find that one thing that you need.

Start With A Clean Slate

Being organised and starting with a clean slate is really important for your mental health. Start each day fresh and renewed instead of getting up and still chasing your tail from yesterday.

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Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Little Miss Organised Consultation

Little Miss Organised Professional Oraganiser Near Me Brisbane Logan City Sunshine Coast Gold Coast

A Consultation is just a 60-minute where you discuss your organising problems with an expert. At the  conclusion, our Professional Organisers will put together a detailed personalised report, called “Home Organising Solutions Report”, and email you a copy within three-five business days. “Our HOS Report uses multiple tools to assess your spaces, identify your goals, report on your current living situation and make recommendations to reach your goals. This report is an excellent resource to share with; the NDIS for Plan Reviews or Applications; or other professionals who are supporting you/your family.”

  1. After you receive your report you can:
  2. 1. Share it with supporting professionals/NDIS/PIR
  3. 2. Book a Practical Session with 1 Organiser
  4. 3. Book a Clutter Buster Package (2 days/4 days or school-hours only 3 days)

LMO has worked with NDIS Participants (National Disability Insurance  Scheme) and other funded organisations like PIR (Partners in Recovery) since 2012.

This includes working with other supporting professionals such as occupational therapists, psychologists, support workers and other NDIS registered service providers to ensure we provide the best possible outcome for you.

What Is A Professional Organiser:

A Personal Organiser is someone that can help you in your organising journey. They can help you declutter and organise any part of your home or office space. This can include:

A Personal Organiser will be your hands and feet to help you move, lift and carry your items to their new homes. They can also help organise rubbish removal through hiring skip bags or bins, or rubbish removal companies. An Organiser can help you declutter, set up new systems and reorganise spaces to create the home you’ve always dreamed of!

Every Little Miss Organised Professional Organiser is MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) accredited and a member of IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers). Each Organiser brings a unique set of skills and life experience, whether it’s a background in teaching, disability, children with ADHD or growing up on a farm.

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We live in a fast-paced and hectic society where we are constantly buying new things. This leads to clutter accumulating quickly. A Professional Organiser can help you clear the clutter and reclaim your life.

Why You Need A Professional Organiser:

Here are some reasons why you should hire a Professional Organiser:

  1. 1.You’re constantly looking for things (“Where are the car keys?”);
  2. 2.You work long hours and have no time to organise;
  3. 3.You would like to spend your leisure time with your loved ones, rather than cleaning out the garage;
  4. 4.You want to downsize your home;
  5. 5.You struggle to maintain your home due to physical/mental limitations;
  6. 6. You need to move and want it to be easier this time!;
  7. 7. You struggle to let go of things and you’re running out of space;
  8. 8. You’re not sure what to keep and what to let go;
  9. 9. You’re too embarrassed to invite people over; or
  10. 10. You want to create a safe environment for your children or grandchildren.

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised

Geri, Indooroopilly

Love your work Little Miss Organised! Your advice is totally solid. I am really grateful for your help in organising my kitchen. I love my kitchen and it is now a beautiful space and everything is much more organised. Looking forward to when you come back again.

Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised

Kylie, Runcorn

Biting the bullet was the best investment I've ever made! Yes, things get out of hand at times but I know I can clean, declutter and enjoy my spaces! Glad I didn't let my fears rule.

Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised

Deb, Coorparoo

I felt extremely comfortable using Bonnie to organise my home and office. It can be very having someone amongst your personal belongings but at no time did I feel uncomfortable having Bonnie in this space. Excellent work Bonnie. Thank you!


A Professional Organiser is your best friend, personal trainer, and cheerleader, all rolled into one. A PO will stand beside you as you make the tough decisions on what is important to you and what stuff you no longer need. They will guide you through the process, offering expert and objective advice. They will work with you towards achieving the goals you have for your space.
We do not judge. We are here to help you and make your life easier. We also keep all the information you provide us confidential. So, you do not have to be embarrassed about anything.
No, we just help you decide on what is better to let go of and what to keep. The final decision always depends on you. We are just here to give you advice.

We can help you donate if you want us to. Keep in mind once something has been donated it is irretrievable. If the object is big and needs a third-party pickup service, we can help you connect with them.

We can help you list your items, but all items sold are your responsibility.

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