Reclaim Time and Space for the Things You Love by Decluttering Your Home!

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Finding things the first time, when you need them is no magic—it starts with decluttering your home.

This means sorting and  categorising your items; removing the rubbish, donating the unwanted or unused, keeping valuables in a safe place, and creating an organised system that helps you save time and space.

If you’ve always wanted to start your day with a clean slate without feeling overwhelmed, then you need to start decluttering and organising your home today!

How You Will Benefit

Identity your Goals Little Miss Oraganised

Identify Your Goals

This includes your objectives for organising and identifying possible roadblocks to achieving your outcomes.

Detailed Assessment Little Miss Oraganised

Detailed Assessment

After a detailed assessment of the space/s, we discuss with you how you would like to feel once the project is complete.

Identify the Problem Little Miss Oraganised

Identify The Problem

We identify potential behaviours, habits and actions that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Action Plan Report Little Miss Oraganised

HOS Report

Home Organising Soulutions Report is a tool that will help identify problems and provide a personalised detailed solution.

Save Time & Money

Learn skills to stop before you shop so you start purchasing items you need, use and love. Our strategies will help you save time, money and brain space as old habits are replaced with new.

Improved Mental Health

Getting organised reduces your mental load, helps you start your day with a clean slate, reclaims your time and improves your mood. Clients have reported that decluttering has helped them lose weight, improved relationships and become a better parent!

Love For Your Home

Learn skills to stop before you shop so you start purchasing items you need, use and love. Our strategies will help you save time, money and brain space as old habits are replaced with new.

Having an organised home will help you to save money because you won’t buy items you already have simply because you can’t find them. Even when life happens and the house gets messy, tidying up is a breeze, because everything now has a home! Feel calmer when visitors pop over unexpectedly, knowing that your home is just ‘lived in’ not cluttered. An organised home will reduce your stress, save you time and money and boosts your mood. This will have a ripple effect on those you love as relationships improve, new opportunities arise, and you spend more time doing the things you love.

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Get Started With a Practical Session

A Brief Tour

Every family is special and so is every home. Our Professional Organiser will conduct a brief tour your home to get a sense of the big picture.

Goal Setting

We understand that everyone's needs are different. Tell us about your goals, what works and what doesn’t, and get expert advice and maintenance strategies.

Plan of Attack

Get physical assistance moving and rehoming items, sorting, decluttering, and organising. We will work with you, providing the support you need.

Work to Your Pace

We offer a range of services to suit your individual requirements. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

We’ve Got Your Back

Feel supported as you work towards your goals for each session. Whether you need a one-off appointment or ongoing support, our services are personalised to suit your family’s needs.

A practical session with Little Miss Organised means you can put your home in order without going through the stress of doing it alone. We will work with you to sort through your things, donate or rehome items, clean out your space and set up simple systems for organising success!

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What We Provide

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Professional Team

When we walk into your home, we are never overwhelmed by your clutter. We specialise in organising and helping you achieve and maintain the clutter-free sanctuary that you desire
  1. 1.We are a Member of IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers).
  2. 2.We work with NDIS participants (Self-managed or Plan-managed).
  3. 3.We are MHFA (Mental Health First Aider) accredited.
  4. 4.We have blue cards

Respect for Your Privacy

We will assist you with decluttering private spaces such as bedrooms, financial records, and personal items. Our Professional Organisers treat all information with the highest secrecy and respect your privacy.

Ongoing Support

Our podcast and blog postings are packed with organising and decluttering tips. Topics include important areas of the house such as the pantry, wardrobe, and garage, as well as addressing problems like anxiety, stress, the mental load, and hoarding disorder. Practical sessions are available for as long as you need them; we will walk the journey with you for as long as you need!

Informed Decision Making

Do you find it difficult to part with possessions, regardless of their true value?
Is it having a negative impact on your health, emotions, relationships, or finances?
Do you find decluttering your home overwhelming because you don’t know where to start?
Getting professional help can free you from these burdens and help you make informed decisions so you can take back control of your house and life.

At Little Miss Organised, we will guide you through every stage of the process. We are your greatest supporter and will ask the right questions for you to make decisions that are right for you and your home.

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We live in a fast-paced and hectic society where we are constantly buying new things. This leads to clutter accumulating quickly. A Professional Organiser can help you clear the clutter and reclaim your life.

Why You Need A Professional Organiser:

Here are some reasons why you should hire a Professional Organiser:

  1. 1.You’re constantly looking for things (“Where are the car keys?”);
  2. 2.You work long hours and have no time to organise;
  3. 3.You would like to spend your leisure time with your loved ones, rather than cleaning out the garage;
  4. 4.You want to downsize your home;
  5. 5.You struggle to maintain your home due to physical/mental limitations;
  6. 6. You need to move and want it to be easier this time!;
  7. 7. You struggle to let go of things and you’re running out of space;
  8. 8. You’re not sure what to keep and what to let go;
  9. 9. You’re too embarrassed to invite people over; or
  10. 10. You want to create a safe environment for your children or grandchildren.

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised


Thank you for the advice. Every time I passed the flat surface where I cleaned yesterday made me smile and gave me confidence. Also I can see the things differently. Even though I had plenty of time to do, I couldn't be bothered to do before. But you made me realise what is important. Today I was willing to do some work and it was kind of fun. It didn't feel like chore at all. Thank you so much!! -

Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised


Thanks for all your help! I reckon after all this, I'll be a better person; living LIGHT AND ENJOYING THAT FEELING; without feeling bogged down wherever I look in my house; keeping on top of things as they occur; staying focused on being organised!!

Teal Star Little Miss Oraganised


I had a great experience with Bonnie and the team at Little Miss Organised! She helped break down what I needed to do to get my entire house organised and was very friendly and sensitive. Thank you!


Absolutely! Our Clutter Buster package is for people who desire a significant change as quickly as possible. It involves two organisers working with the client(s) to organise and clear several rooms over the course of 3 days or less, so they can recover control over their clutter and life.

Let’s be honest, we have all been there where it can be tough to know where to start, or to turn for help. That’s where a professional organiser comes in. Your professional organiser will work at your pace, encouraging you to slow down or quicken where appropriate. The aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the decluttering process.

Practical sessions are a minimum of 4 hours. You may reach your goals in a one-off session, or you may need a series of sessions to achieve what you want for your space. We also hold workshops to provide practical guidance and inspire people to live a clutter-free life.

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