Practical Session

This is for those who need a helping hand! Your Organiser will work alongside you to sort, declutter, and organise. You will receive expert advice and emotional support along the way, resulting in a clutter-free space for you to enjoy.

Practical Session/s include:

  • A brief tour of the space/s
  • Discussion around what works, what doesn’t, and what your goals are for the space/s
  • Expert advice and maintenance strategies
  • A practical plan of attack
  • Physical assistance working alongside you to sort, declutter, and organise
  • Listing items for sale, removal of rubbish, and distributing donations

Your Professional Organiser will work to your pace, encouraging you to slow down or quicken where appropriate. Our aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed with us by your side throughout your journey.

Practical Sessions are a minimum of 4 hours. You may reach your goals in a one-off session, or you may need a series of sessions to achieve what you desire for your space/s. Little Miss Organised can provide as much or as little ongoing support as needed

“I was completely overwhelmed with the prospect of decluttering my house. When a friend suggested I get a professional organiser in to help me, I was a bit skeptical. It was the best decision I ever made, the best money I ever invested, and I am a total convert. Bonnie was thoroughly professional – nothing overwhelmed her, she was methodical and broke down the enormous task into manageable chunks. She had so much energy, and did not slacken her pace the entire time. We got rid of so much junk. My house is now a pleasure to come home to. We (even the kids) are able to keep it clean because everything has a place. I know it seems crazy, but I feel like I have a new lease on life.”