• Theresa’s Story

    Theresa's story is an inspiring one that takes you on her journey of working with LMO to transform a space fit for her work and art.

  • The Layer of Clutter

    We’ve all seen it, heard it, or even felt it. At best it’s untidiness, and at worst it’s just debris. It’s what we call the layer of clutter.

  • 5 Types of Clutter

    5 Types of Clutter

    Not all clutter is the same! When aiming to declutter and organise, it’s helpful to know the differences between these 5 types of clutter.

  • Wardrobe Woes

    Wardrobe Woes

    If your laundry is causing you a headache, it may be indicative of a deeper root problem. Read more to see if you actually have a case of wardrobe woes.

  • The Magic Number

    The Magic Number

    Whether it’s the number of shoes, entertaining platters, or kids’ drink bottles, determining the magic number is a great tool to declutter and organise.

  • Clutter Culprits

    Clutter Culprits

    Today we're looking at one of our clutter culprits: untidiness. Read about the ways you can guard against the clutter and keep overall untidiness in check.

  • Pantry Perils


    Working with a Professional Organiser can take your pantry from peril to praiseworthy. Here are some helpful simple hints for a quick pantry refresh.

  • 11 signs you need a P.O.


    Do you need the help from a P.O. to declutter and organise your home? Here are 11 signs that you may benefit from calling in the experts.